Wednesday, November 27, 2013

South Pacific Fabrics Launch

This afternoon one of my fabric wholesalers South Pacific launched a new range of fabrics milled in Europe. Their guest of honor was Fabrizio Paolini from the Rubelli fabric company in Spain. 

The South Pacific show room looked lovely as always.

The new collection being launched was titled "the walls of Venice" and featured fabric by European designers Dominique Kieffer and Armani Casa.

The collection showcased lots of linens in bright colours with a particular nod to the "it" colour at the moment- Green.

During the launch guests were treated to a lovely light lunch. Cute macaroons! 

Thanks South Pacific for a lovely afternoon.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday morning at Ashgrove

Come on a stroll around the Waterworks Rd and Stewart Rd precinct on a typical Saturday morning.
First up is the Anzac memorial park at the main intersection.

The prominent Home Store Cafe- always busy and has a connecting doorway into the gorgeous giftware and clothing store Aviary.

The main entry to Aviary.

tortured willow display inside Aviary.

The popular Ruby Iles. It's tiny but packed with clothes and some days so busy you physically can't get in the door.

Then next door to the amazing butcher shop Meat @ Billy's. Their window display looks incredible and the bbq is always fired up on Saturday. 

These are their yummy lamb koftas with couscous and natural set yoghurt.

And a great spot to finish up- the always popular Milk bar at the entry to Woolworths.

I have tried twice to complete this post, but both times delayed by the vicious summer storms lashing Brisbane the last few afternoons. Today's was fast and furious bringing large hale that sounded like a low flying jet as it made it's way down the street and then hit with force.

The wild afternoon of hail and lighting was followed by a glorious sunset.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hallowed Grounds- The "new old".

Here's a familiar face to regular Storewrapped readers. It's back to Hallowed Grounds on Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt. It's on the same side as the big hardware store and just across the road from them.
A couple of months ago Hallowed Grounds upped stumps and moved to this new location a few doors down from their original shop.

The new tenancy offered more space both for customers and also in the kitchen area. A lot of their previous equipment and benches have been re-used here.

Cynamon and Amber Norris are a couple of the very clever and creative owners. The gorgeous decor is a combination of their ideas and staff. Some of the cute chairs Cynamon had been saving for years to one day put in a cafe. 

If you expect to see the same things at the new location you'll be quickly proven wrong. They have all "new old" stuff. They proved at the last shop how well they do eclectic and this again shows their skill.

How great is this mattress frame!!

And form work mesh so artistic.

The little ones are not forgotten.

And yes, that was Hallowed Grounds that featured on the channel 7 Brisbane ad.

Well done girls. Another great shop.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Macrame Crazy

WARNING- If you're a child of the 70's you may find elements of this story disturbing!!
Or just a hoot as you travel back in time.....

The other day my eldest and I were exploring the new Gas Works precinct at Tenneriffe. We noticed the new Lorna Jane store and in particular their window display with the macrame plant hangers.

I was having a laugh as it brought back all the memories of my childhood, as I recalled what seems like years of my mother making things out of macrame................ and now it's back again! 
Here's some happy snaps of my childhood. Note the hanging plants in the birthday background, with the necessary orange plastic pots. That was the must have colour to go with the macrame. The plant hangers usually featured timber beads for embellishment.

yes, that is a chook, but it's relaxing on a macrame hammock!

Now for some OMG............. what were they thinking!!??

Mum, I think you permanently scarred back in the 70's. No matter how trendy macrame has become I just don't think it will be featuring in my house.

ps. I did like the salad bar and cafe in this Lorna Jane store. It added to the holistic healthy body image.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boyd Blue

A big thanks to Boyd Blue girls Mia, Jacquie and Justine for the lovely morning tea at your launch yesterday. I've always wanted to come along to one of your functions, but usually feel guilty that I should be in the office working.

The showroom looked extra beautiful, perhaps that was because I walked in the door feeling like a guest knowing I was about to be pampered, instead of how I usually come in with my mind on work and the latest project I'm sourcing for. Liz your stylist did a gorgeous job.

What a treat!
Let me show you around.......

I love Christmas beetles. My kids discovered one on the ground the other day and after some examination announced that it was definitely dead as there was something crawling out of it!
Ha. LOL!!!

So many gorgeous pieces by the Designer Boys.

Mia, it was a pleasure to listen to you speak so fluently and confidently about the products as it's great to do business with a person who has expert knowledge in their products.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bathroom Bliss

Australians have always loved a good bathroom. That room combined with the kitchen are the 2 areas we spend the most on with our house renovations.

When it comes to bathroom design the major thing I've learnt over the years is restraint. When you're planning a new bathroom it's way too easy to get caught up in the excitement and endless choices shown at the tile salesrooms and in the glossy magazines. 
But the trick is keep it simple in terms of finishes, not too many. 

In my own bathroom I've kept the colours subtle and let the gorgeous cornices and timber mouldings do the work as visual elements. I also love to pick greenery from my garden to add some detail. 

The other thing I love to incorporate into my bathrooms are rocks. I just love the look of rocks as they get wet and change back to dry. I love having them in my basins.

This selection have travelled with me for many years and are originally from Tasmania.

My guest basin has tumbled glass rocks.

In keeping with my bathroom blog- who doesn't love beautiful soap! Especially when it's L'Occitane.
To launch the Bailey Retail Design facebook page we are asking people to "Like" and "Share".
Australian participants will go into the draw to win this gift box of soaps. The winner will be announced next Thursday 14 November. Happy clicking FB'ers!