Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mappin's Nursery and Aquarium

I love Serendipity. Admittedly this was not an accidental discovery, but an amazing shop that someone had recommended to me.
 There just seems to be so many incredible treasures in this wonderful city! Mappin's Nursery and Aquarium is a perfect example. Located at 240 Montague Rd, which is now super busy and a mix of commercial and residential, no longer are the days of it being a seedy run down part of town.

The business has been here for 8 years and prior to that many years at Brookfield. It's an oasis of greenery amongst the buildings. 

The original shop is in the middle and recent expansion has spread into the neighbouring buildings either side. 

The kids and I visited on a rainy day and in this original section the rain was coming thru the roof and we happily sloshed thru the puddled floor- it really was a proper greenhouse!

Everywhere you turn there is heaps to look at and all displayed in very quirky surrounds.

The aquarium section was a huge hit with the kids and I now have a phone filled with video of the turtle swimming around! (courtesy of my daughter). There are even some chooks out the front in their custom made chook house.

Through the doorway into the adjoining building to get a coffee from the Kombi van. This is also the section set up for gardening workshops.

Mappin's is amazing and I've already lined up friends to take back so they can experience it. 

Definitely worth a visit.