Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New in 2016

The first month of 2016 has flown by. I always know January is drawing to an end as the kids have chewed through my full data allowance for the month while they are busy playing on their ipads over the school holidays. 

Over the New Year's break I had a chance to visit the new Pacific Fair extension. It looks great and has plenty of fresh design ideas. Here's a few of my favourites. There was a lot of rope and knot work with ideas that I'd seen on Pinterest but looked great in real life application.

The common areas in the food court had some really funky seating and dining options. These booths were very popular.

The tuned timber beads have been showing up on Pinterest for a while and made for very interesting semi divider walls.

Inside the box booths were these amazing macrame lamps. I will post further pics of Pacific Fair in the next few weeks.

On a final note, which I usually make a conscious effort to be positive, this is something that always annoys me- Bed Bath and Table. I loooove their stores. They have very clever buyers and a fantastic range of products. It's a store that I can never walk out empty handed. However I am always amazed at the storage system that every store uses. Ie the stacks of boxes that are dumped in the back corners of the shops and prevent customers from accessing the actual products on the shelves. People boxes are not making you profits, product on customer accessible shelves is. Please either design larger store rooms or lease some external storage. This is just messy and not helping your stores!

Anyway happy retailing for 2016.