Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crazy Pave

I always look forward to the Easter long weekend for tackling a larger size outdoor project and doing it in the cooler weather. This weekend I've started to crazy pave a side path the full length of my house.

This project had been in the planning for a long time and when parts of the original house were demolished, I saved the bricks to use for paving.

The path so far. Yet to come is a garden edge and a sand and cement mix to fill the gaps.

My favourite thing about recycled is that it has so much more character and for me the bricks and this steel manhole cover show names of Brisbane companies that are long gone, but live on in the history of my house.

The red bricks were all from Bris Brick at Newmarket and the blond bricks from Murrarie. (word photos are loading upside down)
Stay tuned for finished photos down the track.

A couple of weeks ago I had a fun afternoon doing a photo shoot for the Courier Mail Real Estate lift out about the fun of DIY on your own house. It was published yesterday.