Monday, December 7, 2015

Mariana Spirit of Design

Away from the glitzy and party end of the Gold Coast is a lovely area to the north called Paradise Point. The shopping precinct consists of a couple of blocks with boutique shops and cafes. 

A newcomer to the strip and not yet 12 mths old is the gorgeous Mariana Spirit of Design. The lady behind the store is Gold Coast local Karen Collins and she started the store to showcase the Mariana brand of jewellery she stocks.

She came across the jewellery on a trip to Israel. She now travels regularly sourcing the best pieces to suit her thriving Australian and New Zealand market.

The fitout design was Karen's idea and she is very happy that it has come up exactly how she imagined it. The white interior and illuminated display voids work extremely well to highlight the jewellery and the stones and Swarovski crystals sparkle and pop with colour.

Karen has also added homewares to her shop which helps attract another layer of customers. In the future she may even branch into home decorating.

There are lots of beautiful things to look at all through the store and the displays show the great eye of Karen and her staff.

The fresh coastal vibe prevails through out the store. With much to look at don't hurry, slow your pace and enjoy this gem in a beautiful part of the Gold Coast.