Friday, January 24, 2014

The Noosa Chocolate Factory

Sweet Tooths beware! If you walk down Adelaide St in the city you won't be able to resist the pull of either of the 2 stores owned by The Noosa Chocolate Factory. The smell is divine and the product looks incredible. You won't leave empty handed.

The store we visited- The Dark Chocolatier has a coffee bar at the back, which is probably more popular on cooler days, unlike the heat wave day we were there. But we couldn't leave without buying some samples. In this store everything is big. It has the biggest chunks of honeycomb I've ever seen, the biggest chocolate bullets and huge chunky rocky road.

The simple timber crate displays and paper signs and packages look great and make the product pop.

The actual Cocoa beans. Catering for all palettes with the different chocolates and the varying cocoa levels.

Fresh Fresh Fresh. Crates being re-stocked while we watched.

Bowen Mango Chocolate macadamias. It's all seriously delectable and you never need an excuse to indulge in chocolate. Ours were gone before we started heading home.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

California Design

If you grew up coming home from school and making a B line for the tv to watch the Brady Brunch and you loved watching Marcia, Greg and co fly down the big stair case into the sunken den or family room, then this exhibit will feel very familiar.
Qld Art Gallery has the California Design exhibition running for a few more weeks and it's full of things that will trigger your nostalgia of a West Coast American influenced childhood.

Whilst I don't recall the Brady's ever heading off in an Airstream the exhibition show cases all the iconic inventions and design styles that came out of California in the 35 year period from 1930.

It shows how fashion evolved through the wars and out the other side when women were demanding more modern clothing, but designers were conscious of wastage and came up with some very clever ways to minimize quantity of fabric used.

Furniture features strongly and the influence from the Europeans is also explained. Can't you see the Brady's sitting beside Max and 99 on this lounge above?

I loved the architectural aspect. I remember in grade 6 deciding I wanted to be an architect like Mr Brady. 

Thanks for the memories Jan, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Cindy and Bobby.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Eat Street Markets Hamilton

Welcome back to the first blog for 2014. It's a fun one- lots of fun actually and I can't wait to visit again.
It's the Eat Street Markets at Hamilton just beside Portside. They've been running for about 2 mths now. It's on one of the old commercial shipping docks and is a mass of shipping containers converted to food outlets.

The containers have fantastic graffiti and vertical gardens and other cool features. They are stacked a maximum of 2 high.

As the sun sets the whole area comes alive with a gorgeous web of fairy lights woven everywhere.

Each container is run by a food operator offering their unique type of food. You can dine your way around the world. There were even food nationalities that I had not heard of, which just ensures that you want to come back again so that you can try more. The offerings are from the simple fish and chips, through to hot German sausages, wontons and dim sums, pizza, Greek octopus and halomi and so much more that I'm getting hungry already! 

The span of stores between the large arched covers is licenced which makes the whole experience even nicer. It was so relaxing to enjoy live music under the balmy sunset with a yummy food and a cold drink. There are a couple of areas set up for live music.

And everywhere there are funky but simple chairs and benches to make you stay a while and soak in the incredible atmosphere. 

I have become a big fan of Eat Street and over the holidays I've been busy recommending it to my friends. Definitely put this on your "to do list". They operate Friday and Saturday evenings and kick off from 4pm. There is plenty of parking and it's a great family activity as well, as there is something to suit tummies of all ages as well as the interesting stalls and entertainment.