Friday, August 20, 2021

Designing for You or future owners


There have been a few occasions over the years when I’ve been sitting with a residential client discussing the concept and look of their home renovation and they suddenly hit a wall of panic. They realize that all the beautiful pictures they’ve have been merrily saving to their Pinterest or Houzz boards, may not be appropriate for the next owners of their house. They become very concerned about how their decisions will affect the resale of the house, even if they aren’t planning to sell for a long time.

This almost paralyses them like a deer in headlights. They can’t work out what they should do.

If you are renovating to sell in the next couple of years that will put different spin on the design process- which is a topic for another day.

 So here is my advice based on almost 30 years of interior design experience. Forget about future owners and design for you.

There seems to be a general misconception that people don’t like change, that they fearful of new and trendy ideas. Well… they aren’t. Do not underestimate or worry about offending future owners. The fact is that most of us are attracted to new, interesting and unique.

I have never had a client ask for a house design that looks like all the neighbours. We all want a point of difference, that WOW factor when our friends walk in the door and a home that reflects us.

It’s worth remembering that trends have roughly 10yrs of life (this varies, depending exactly what trend it is). This may help as a guide if you have an approx. idea of when/ if you want to put your house on the market. Look at the Hamptons style- still going strong after 20 years.

A good designer will combine all your ideas and your wish list and create a cohesive end result. We will steer you in the right direction and know when to gently apply the brakes to make it all work.

Be bold and confident and take a chance because that’s when it will really start to shine. Live your life, not the one you imagine for people in the future. I always tell clients that you must be able walk in the door everyday and know that you absolutely love your house. 

Monday, August 9, 2021

Flots and Jets Yamba

 In a recent break between interstate border closures, I ventured into new territory for me and visited the lovely coastal town of Yamba in the northern rivers area of NSW. After lunch at the very busy historic Pacific Hotel overlooking the ocean, I explored the gorgeous cluster of shops in the main streets. 

I love finding retailers who do it a bit differently while letting their unique style shine. This was the case at Flots and Jets. 

The store sells clothing, jewelry and vintage treasures. The owner has used her eye for the ordinary flotsam and jetsam to create quirky features through out the store. Even old dress making patterns are re-purposed for wrapping purchases.