Tuesday, November 25, 2014

8 Street

Photo- 8 Street website

The new extension to Westfield Garden City has brought an exciting new retailer- 8 Street. It's a kind of food court within a food court, but with the interesting twist that all counters are Asian foods. It's an L shaped layout and takes you on an amazing culinary journey.

Within a couple of step you find yourself lost in the back streets of what could be any market in any number of different Asian countries. But hang onto your Coolie hat. It's busy and packed and very exciting and smells amazing.

Photo- 8 Street website

The fitout is very authentic and clearly big dollars have been spent on many types of finishes that have been imported specially for this job. But it works and for half an hour you can enjoy your mini escape and indulge your taste buds.

The dark ceiling is accented with Chinese lanterns and bamboo bird cage lights with a back drop of eclectic timber shutters.

Photo-8 Street website

I am a huge fan of Asian food and aside from breakfast I could happily eat it all day. I think this is in a large part thanks to my mum's influence. I am a child of the 70's and at that time Chinese home cooking was the biggest food trend to hit our Aussie shores. So I grew up with mum dragging us off to China Town to buy groceries. Funnily enough I now do the same to my kids!

The outlets are all independent operators- some with retail outlets outside the centre. You can choose from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and everything in between. And you can watch it being made fresh in front of you. Many stalls have samples to try before you order.

Dumplings are my weakness and my mum and I got a taster plate as well as some other super yum tasting dishes that she'd procured at the other end of 8 Street. 

The venue is also licenced if you'd like a sake or cider with your meal. Definitely worth the visit and I know I'll be back.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Well Screened!

This is a fantastic product called Dekolin. When I was at Designex earlier this year I saw another product also carried by the distributor. It's a plastic chain with very interesting applications for interior and exterior. 

Yet, somehow I missed the amazing Dekolin product hidden at the back of the display. Fortunately the company rep called in a few weeks ago and showed me.
Dekolin is a series of polycarbonate panels approx 300mm square.

They come in a huge range of colours and patterns and are so on trend with the fantastic Retro revival going through at the moment. 
Think Mad Men and that wonderful office set in Masters of Sex with the wonderful light weight screens and you're on the right track.

The panels can be easily clipped together with a series of hooks and connectors depending upon how you want to use them. 
I love them as they offer an exciting, cost effective and visually appealing back drop for product and on a larger scale as divider panels and room rooms for when you just want that psychological barrier, but don't need to factor in sound and privacy issues. 

check out their website for some other great images.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Carving 101

It's one of our fav events each year.
So last night the house was busy carving.

Thanks to our Canadian friends who brought out all the proper carving equipment on their visit this year. The battery operated carving knife was great.

The younger troops were kept busy for almost 2 hrs working on their mini creations.

Then I tackled the big one. Firstly pricking the outline with a skewer.

And carving out. The movement sensor talker inside works really well and can't wait to have it out tonight as the street fills with kids.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Garden City Extension

The big extension at Westfield Garden City is newly opened this week. With only 40-50% of new tenancies open it's probably best to hold off if you are planning to check it out. Huge problems with unions during the construction stage have slowed the fitouts. 

There were still a few interesting things to see though. The green wall looked lovely and a few edgy space filling displays.

Some interesting open shopfronts- no glass, but types of mesh.

One of my stores still under construction for a few more weeks.

David Jones will be joined by Myer, so hold off on the big shopping trip till the middle of October when most shops will be open.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wellington Rd, East Brisbane

The first half of this year has seen a lot of retail activity with new shop fitouts. These are 2 shops I've just finished side by side at East Brisbane. They are on the corner of Wellington Rd and Mowbray Tce. This is #Raphy'sEspresso and the other is #BananaLeafThaiRestaurant. Both fitouts were done by Peter Ryan shopfitting.

The Thai has a feature wall full of Retro/ Vintage posters of bands, movies, products all sourced by the tenant on a recent trip back to Thailand.

These are the concept sketches for both stores.

For the coffee shop I took the brief from the land lord and didn't actually meet the tenant till they opened. The Thai was a normal job where I worked directly with the tenants to establish their concept and then complete fitout plans etc.

Both stores have been trading for a couple of weeks and already have loyal customers. The smells from Banana Leaf were amazing while we were doing the photo shoot last week. 

All the best to Mitchie of Raphy's Espresso and Thien and BB of Banana Leaf for years of happy trading.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Designex 2014

The weeks are flying at the moment with the retail world buzzing and getting busy again after a quiet 2013. Last week I squeezed in a quick day trip to Sydney for Designex. It was held at Glebe Island in the temporary Exhibition Centre while the new complex is rebuilt around at Darling Harbour.
There were a couple of exciting products and some cool stands. Have a quick tour with me.

Screen Thingy!

Brace for take off.

Totally cool cardboard pendants

Interesting realistic wallpapers

One of the bars with a bouche court- cute, cute, cute. Alas, much drinking and no sports played- that I saw anyway.

Amazing chain art.

Gold Coast lighting company Yellow Goat launching into furniture

Taubmans Paint

Just want to touch it.

And in the other corner...
Love the louvre effect.

And a lovely way to finish an afternoon of walking- a cider at Young Henry's bar. Very popular!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

To my beautiful Mum with Love.

Sunday is all about everything beautiful for you.

We're going to gather up the family

Find something yummy

and enjoy a lazy lunch in your honour.

I would like to say thanks for teaching me to stand tall,

Thanks for being my guiding light

and for all your endless love. 

I love you Mum. Happy Mother's Day.