Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wild Canary

Birthday lunch calls for a special treat, so after many months of mouth watering images on my Instagram feed I made the journey across town to the Brookfield Garden Centre and the amazing restaurant attached- Wild Canary. 

The whole venue is nestled into a tropical oasis of bamboo where water dragons roam free watching the customers. The various dining areas are wonderfully shaded by the towering gently swaying bamboo, much to my happiness; I'm a bamboo lover since childhood. 

However it was the food we'd come for and it didn't disappoint. It was all beautiful and incredible. The restaurant is laid out in a series of rooms that look into each other and feel like home with a casual ambiance of polished concrete floors and seagrass mats and many windows with beckoning garden views.

If you've watched the Wild Canary feed on Instagram you will have seen the incredibly garnished cakes and meals that feature the fresh produce from the chef's garden out the front. Visitors can browse through the garden and admire the myriad of herbs and edible plants.

After lunch, as much as it's hard to get moving, with bellies feeling as full as the Buddha's, the nursery beckoned. So many beautiful garden ornaments and plants to look at.

Fantastic day in paradise- we will return!