Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frenchies Cafe

I am a big fan of my local area on Brisbane's Bayside. Apart for a few years enjoying the trappings of inner city living, I have happily spent my life here. The cool bay breezes are a huge attraction and the fact that it's just a lovely destination, as the weekend crowds will verify.

As a child growing up here it always seemed that there were never enough other kids to play with. Which was slightly true. Wynnum was predominantly an "older" populated area. But over the years times have changed. New young blood has come into the area, or children now grown have moved back with their families. The empty local strip shops are slowly starting to fill again and it's very exciting. One of those exciting new shops is Frenchies Cafe.

Take your time here as owners Kieran and Joanna Jefferies have done a beautiful job with their fitout with some of the most clever parts are DIY. The back feature wall which leads out to a cosy dining room has been upholstered in preloved jeans patches.

The sewing was done by Kieran's mum using their old jeans and when they'd used up all they had, then more were purchased from op shops.

As you've probably guessed the name is in honour of French bull dogs. Kieran and Joanna have 3- Penny, Ella and Bin and their names are featured on the "doggie" menu. Too cute.

The amazing dog biscuits are made locally and have the Frenchies stamp embossed on them.

Given the popularity of dining with the fur children now a days there are even welcome packs of dog biscuits handed out to first time doggie visitors. Joanna is going through 300 of these biscuits a week!

The human food is also receiving great reviews and some of the "trial it and see" items have become best sellers.

Check out these incredible tables. They are custom made by resident artist next door Trevor Platt. Kieran and Joanna used copies of the iconic Wynnum Herald paper which was printed just blocks away for many many years. Trevor did the fantastic montage effect and sealed it with a very durable epoxy.

The back room is intimate and again features the great denim patch work on the chairs, as well as the beautiful reading nook.

More clever seating is provided down the walkway between tenancies.

And if you as crazy about french bull dogs as Joanna, there are more items you can purchase around this theme, including signed first edition print run of "The scariest dog on the street" by Bulimba author Joanna Golden. Of course it's a story about a French bull dog- her own in fact.

Frenchies is helping to breath fresh life into Wynnum and the crowds, especially on the weekend are showing they all agree.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Loving these....

The display of huge pink pots lining the boulevard of the Roma St Parklands. Bigger is better! 

Memories of Phillip Starck's pots at the Mondrian. 

A fantastic 3 storey vertical garden in a building foyer. Everything was growing so well.

Totally love this product at Bunnings- faux hedge panels. Stick them on a wall near you. I would desperately love to cover a wall or 2 with them.

Another form of vertical gardening, but no watering required, doesn't quite have the same smell either!