Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Winter

With the arrival of Winter tomorrow the few types of Autumn trees that we have in Brisbane are only now starting to loose their leaves. 
This week has been fairly quite for me- the rainy weather combined with a head cold has kept me mostly inside.

The fireplace has been getting well used!

Happy 1st day of winter Southern Hemisphere! And a long awaited welcome to Summer for the Northern neighbours!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Patches on You

Patch work gets funky, it's time to raid Nanna's drawers! Lately I've been noticing a big trend in patch work furniture. I love it. It's very eye catching and lots of fun.

I've mucked around with it over the years. I often end up with lots of fabric samples from my suppliers. Usually when I'm specifying for a job I'll request quite a few samples. Then I'll play with them to get a combination I'm happy with. In the past I've used the swatches to make cushions.

This fabric is a print, not actual pieces sewn together.

This was the full bed from above and there are assorted types of furniture in the same fabrics.

Here's a throw rug I mucked around with years ago to use up some left over wool.

The old fashioned hexagon spreads- an oldie but I goodie I think.

These armchairs started popping up several years ago.

And to finish on a different note- here's some wallpaper I came across yesterday. I've always been a fan of goldfish.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

To mum's everywhere enjoy your special day tomorrow. 

Here's to some of these in what ever type you love....

may you be spoilt with breakfast or lunch.....

enjoy some "me" time.......

perhaps you'll get some more lovely smelly things......

and a luxury half hour to hide away in bliss.

Whatever the size of the feet you are mum to, may it be a day that you enjoy and get to do something you wish.

I love you mum. xxx

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Magnolia Flowers and Gifts

As I drive along Waterworks Rd at Ashgrove I always keep my fingers crossed that the traffic will be busy and that I may even have to stop at a red light. I love looking at the front window of Magnolia Flowers to see the new weekly display and the props and beautiful products out the front.

Walking into the store, that amazing smell of fresh flowers surrounds you.

At the time that I visited succulents were featured through out the store.

This is the front window. Very on trend with cacti and succulents!

Check out their website, or better yet, check it out in person.