Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Day

It's that time of year when everything and everyone is starting to slow down, including my blog postings. Everyone is tired and ready for the break and the horrible humidity we've been having lately has not helped the energy levels. This week we turned on the new air conditioner for the first time, but I felt very guilty being inside and watching my builders sweating it out building the new decks in the heat.
We've now been living in the new section for approx 3 weeks. It feels great and there are so many things I love. For the first time in 7 yrs I have an internal office, which is really practical with little ones constantly wanting mum. As I mostly go out to see my clients having an internal office is not a problem and if clients do come here, seeing my interior is all part of the experience of engaging an interior designer anyway.

Today is my last day for my builders before they finish for a 2 week break over Xmas. Before they leave today they are hanging a couple of large paintings including this one near my dining table.

I picked up the new rugs this week for under the lounge and dining table. I love the red tones. It's much more vivid than this picture. I've always loved these traditional print rugs as they can be used with wonderful effect in more modern interiors.

The internal stair treads went in this week also. They are laminated merbau boards which my cabinet makers Queensport put thru their 2 pak for me.

Here's the side deck. When the builders start back in January they'll put the roofing on. In the mean time over the break, I'm going to try to get the framing painted. I have a long "to do" list, perhaps more of a wish list.

Doug and Darren are just starting the framing for the next deck roof on the southern end. Each roof has a different look.

And this afternoon before they leave the kids and I have some Christmas pressies for them, including their favourite drops.

Over the next 2 weeks I'll be nesting and organising things in the house as well as doing my above mentioned projects. Currently there is a skip bin outside waiting to be filled and tidy up the yard for the Christmas visitors.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My very talented eldest drew this at school this other day on the back of a scrap of paper. It's a side elevation of the new house showing the new section on the left and the existing old house on the right. Although the new roof line differs a bit, I thought it was a gorgeous sketch even showing the patch of mint growing under the external tap on the old house!

Whilst I'm still sorting out boxes and still waiting for shelves to arrive from Bunnings the builders are now constructing the external decks.

But prior to this we had to pour the footings for the upright posts. The engineers had specified them to be super deep due to the alluvial sand. We actually hit a natural spring with 2 of the holes, which makes sense having to local creek so close in the golf course.

Anyway the footings were poured during our heatwave last week on the hottest day. One look at my builders sweating it out with the barrows and I decided to change into my gardening clothes and join them.

When I bought my wheel barrow I was smart enough to buy a manageable size for myself and not go too large, which paid off on this occasion as the cement truck driver was determined to test my strength with each barrow load.

For those readers not in this subtropical zone, here's the other way we know Summer has arrived- the absolutely glorious Poinciana trees in full flower everywhere.
My street is lined with them. This is one of my favourites due to it's prolific flowering. They truly are amazing and one of the best canopy trees I believe.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thru and In

While Brisbane swelters in our heat wave and we look towards 39 degrees tomorrow and higher in the western suburbs, I thought I would visually cool you down with a look into the water of our newly finished and filled pool. We christened it last Thursday and everyday since the kids have been in and not wanting to get out. By 3pm it has full shade and feels so refreshing. We're all turning into prunes!

The biggest event after the pool was that we have cut thru between the old and the new and have moved in. It's been another huge week which also saw the old shed go.

Excuse the dust on the window I'm looking thru- the house is covered in it at the moment.

The old stumps were soon gone also and now the new deck is being constructed in this location.

Here comes the part that I was most excited about- the cut thru. Doug and Darren start removing the old kitchen sink.

They had a little apprentice who'd been very excited about getting to wreck the old kitchen.

And here we are. Cut thru. I still have a pile of boxes and am waiting for delivery of shelves so I can unpack those. The stair treads are temporary, but it's getting there gradually.

I looove my new kitchen tap.

The new-old dining table has been christened with several meals. Behind it is the tv cabinet. The table is currently in the lounge area and will be moved once things get a bit more organised.

Here's the view from my office. The other morning I watched our resident blue tongue lizard slowly crawl thru these plants also looking back at me, very unperturbed.

Here's the eastern elevation. As I sit here the bay breezes are blowing through the windows and doors, we're still waiting for cabinets to go in and lots of finishing off to happen, as well as the next major stage with the decks. But it feels so nice to be in our new home.