Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cool Stuff

Ok, back into the swing of things after months of being busy with lots of projects.
Here's a rundown of some of the things that have caught my eye lately.

My favourite produce store- Capalaba Produce with their very clever sugar cane Minions.
Complete with bum crack- you can't help but smile as you drive past.

The Aesop tester bottles at the shopfront. Well "tested" I'm sure. Love the interaction right at the shopfront zone.

Thermal fitting pads at Rebel Sport. Yes, it's pretty obvious I don't shop at sports stores too often. They've probably been around for ages, but I thought they were interesting!

The cute little VW coffee Combi at South Bank.

These amazing industrial skip planter boxes at a St Lucia apartment complex. Wow! I wonder if they've used foam to fill the bottom half to keep the weight down?

The amazing florist at Westfield Carindale near the Woolworths. It has the most incredible large headed roses of all colours and smells devine as you walk past.

And just across from the florist is the butcher that specializes in all types of jerky.

With this list of cool stuff wrapped up I will endeavour to post more regularly in these cooler months, instead of leaving it till Summer.