Friday, April 26, 2013

out and about

Here's a look I love- the gorgeous recycled timber on the shop front of the T2 stores. 

This week I saw the Rumour Has It show at the Judith Wright Centre. It was a tribute show to Adele, the writer and singer of Skyfall from the most recent Bond movie.

It was a cabaret performance done almost in the round.

Besides the fantastic music I absolutely loved the props. All the mis matched lamp shades suspended from the ceiling. They appealed to my eclectic taste and reminded me of designing the Shingle Inn stores which have many styles of lamps and up to 24 types of fabric in some stores. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sea Balls

Check out these amazing sea balls. I caught up with a friend on the weekend who had collected these from South Stradbroke Island. 

In all her years of visiting "Straddie", she's only ever seen them a couple of times before. They came in after recent rough seas which generated that disgusting brown foam. They consist of grass, bits of rope and fishing line and have just occurred naturally from being tumbled around in the waves.

She has amazing decorating taste which shows everywhere through out her gorgeous house and she's used the largest of the balls in her guest bathroom.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winn Lane

If you happened upon Winn Lane in Fortitude Valley you'd describe it as a serendipitous discovery. It would leave you smiling for the rest of the day at the thought of this magical little location.
Winn Lane is one of the Brisbane City Council initiatives doing up some of the forgotten lane ways in the CBD area. You'll find it off Winn St, which runs between Ann and McLachlan St's. 

It has about 6-10 stores nestled in, including a cafe, hair dresser and book store. I loved the astro turf laid down to personalise the space. It certainly added to the character of the lane way.

Here's the very cute book shop at the end. Winn Lane has lots of ambiance and worth the detour around the corner from the busier streets.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hallowed Grounds

When ever I watch those TV garden make over shows I always wonder what the garden will look like in 12mths. Will the owners have loved it and cared for it and made it flourish?

Well, this is an example of a store that has flourished and is an absolute credit to it's owners.
The store is Hallowed Grounds on Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt. It's been open for about 18mths. I was involved with the design with Hartley Shopfitters. At the time the budget was tight and they got a simple fitout with a nice palette but nothing fancy. 

When I walked in the other day I was blown away. The cafe was buzzing and now has the most incredible ambiance and every corner, every detail is a feast for your eyes. It's now an eclectic incredible community hub.

The cafe is located on a very busy road and when I first became involved I realised that they had a tough job ahead with limited street parking with major traffic. Parking is available around the back, but teaching people to park in more obscure areas can be a bit like stairs in retail- not always successful. 

But the customers have been trained to park around the back and not only that, some park a block away and walk in and it's a long block! The customer base ranges from local residents, morning commuters getting their cup of Joe, students and local businesses. The owners are 4 relatives and they have a very clever other family member who did the beautiful styling.

You can even bring your four legged friend and hitch them to the chain on the footpath then treat them with a snack from the cafe.

I love it- so cute!
The cafe was anonymously nominated and named in the top 50 cafes in Qld and recently featured in the local Quest newspaper as the new face of Mt Gravatt to promote the up coming urban renewal scheme. Well done guys- what a coup!

And to finish- have you ever seen take away cups so gorgeous? These almost feel like collectors items!
And the many many customers will confirm the coffee inside the cups is worth returning for!