Sunday, September 27, 2020

Colour in Kitchens


For a long while now white kitchens have featured prolifically in home magazines and digital images on Pinterest and Houzz. Very often people associate the Hamptons style with white kitchens. Carrara marble and the other similar veined marbles have been really popular. Last year I had 5 consecutive house renos where the clients requested these stones for their kitchen benchtops.

However we are slowly seeing some colour creep back into kitchens, which from my point of view is exciting. I do like the look of white kitchens if they are done well and have good detailing in the joinery and are complemented with nice feature pendants and beautiful splashbacks. I love working with clients who are not scared of colour and happy to embrace a new direction for their kitchen.

When I refer to colour, I don’t just mean paint colours. Colour comes from many sources such as timber tones, whether that is a red, yellow or black based timber. It can also be introduced with stones in greys, black, creams. Solid black has also become very popular as a new accent colour and there are a wonderful range of fingerprint free laminates available now. I’m also seeing blues appearing in 2 pack paint finishes.

There is an industry guide that a kitchen has a 10-year life span. The reality is kitchens are expensive and often 20 years plus before people do a reno. My design goal is to create a kitchen that is in keeping with the look of the house, is on trend and will last the distance and not age quickly.

If you are looking at a kitchen reno or building new and want some colour, I would advise to look at the colour sources suggested earlier. Select splashback tiles that whilst modern will age well. The classics such as subways and penny tiles have endured over time. Don’t use garish colours in 2 pack. You may love lime green for the first 12 months, but it’s an expensive type of surface to replace. Take into consideration the colours used near your kitchen, especially if you have a more open floorplan. Installing feature pendant lights can also introduce pops of colour. There are lots of beautiful cane and natural fibres available in pendants and these can add a warm yellow colour to your scheme.

If you are still feeling nervous and wishing for some colour, speak with a designer. In this industry we are constantly seeing the current trends and watching the lifespans of looks and finishes. A good designer will guide you with choices and help you obtain a finished look that you love.