Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tracy Kendall wallpaper

Last week the manager at South Pacific fabrics- a soft furnishing whole sale company, invited me into the showroom to look thru some of their new stuff. I often pop into South Pacific if I'm sourcing fabrics for a job, but this time I was able to stay long enough to have a proper look through.

Kath left the best to last to show me, almost as I was about to leave.

This is actually wallpaper by London designer Tracy Kendall. This was on display at the front door and I'd mistaken thought it was fabric.

It's classed as Bespoke wallpaper and is amazingly textural and tactile.

These actual jigsaw pieces hang off the backing and are attached with the little clear plastic tags like clothing tags.

Each layer of script is stitched on.

You can imagine this one fluttering in a breeze.

It think it's one of those finishes that in the right spot would be amazing and become the feature piece. It's also one of those things that makes you nervous to ask how much. I didn't, but I believe it's priced depending upon which wall paper you choose.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Flying Nun Cafe Samford

On Saturday at an early hour and quite nippy with steam coming out my mouth, I met a friend for coffee at The Flying Nun Cafe in Samford. My friend was from that side of town and knew of the cafe. As I quickly learnt it's quite an institution with the locals and was busy even at that early time.

The cafe is on the corner of Church St and is housed in an old church with a very strange modern building with mosaic angular external walls, used also as a dining pavilion.

The whole complex is linked via decks and ramps and steps and totally surrounded by a well established rain forest with coffee and macadamia trees. At first it was a bit confusing to see where the entry was, but I followed some staff and found my way into the church.

The cafe also has 2 resident macaws in a large cage off to the side. The dining decks over look the Samford park and a horse paddock. As soon as a horse came up to the fence a tribe of kids appeared to pat him and give him some attention.
 I loved these iron gates.

Wooly blankets are scattered around on the seats to rug up on the chilly mornings as most people still preferred to sit outside as the dappled sunlight broke thru the trees and started to warm us.
Interesting statues and artwork are everywhere within the trees and garden.

Inside the church at the hub of the action the temperature was beautiful and toasty. Many of the original features have been left with new ones giving an eclectic religious look.

Samford has managed to retain its gorgeous rural atmosphere even though it's only about 20mins from the CBD. The Flying Nun Cafe was a very interesting and surprising find and the locals rave about the breakfast and lunch menus.
After a my visit here I can understand why Samford is such a popular day drive destination.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

winter warmer

When the temps in Brisbane reach 10 degrees we all start thinking about a warm winter getaway. Here's one of pure luxury and indulgence. Spicers Peak Lodge on the Granite Belt. It's a couple of hours from Brisbane and after a half hour drive up the steep forest road and thru cow fields the lodge appears at the top.

Who doesn't love at midday check in to be greeted with your choice of drinks from champagne, any type of alcohol or just your choice of coffee from their lovely big commercial machine. And the best place to enjoy it is in front of the much photographed huge stone fireplace.

Time slows down and relaxation is the key element. You can sit and read a book and watch the cows slowly walk a ring around the property following the sun.

If you want to raise your energy level slightly there is a well stocked games mezzanine with pool tables, board games. And at any time you can request a drink or some afternoon nibbles. 

The interiors are awe inspiring with chunky posts and roof beams and warm timbers and massive lounges and everywhere you are greeted by the amazing view.

Quiet spots can be found for everyone and I spent a lovely afternoon nestled into this chair with a book, a wine and enjoying the scenery.

But one of the biggest draw cards at Spicers Peak Lodge is the food. It is simply amazing. The degustation dinners are incredible. Depending upon their guest numbers you can also make the trip to enjoy the restaurant as a day visitor. For the price of the accommodation all meals and drinks are included. I have enjoyed staying at some amazing lodges here and OS and I think Spicers Peak easily rates amongst the top. And then sleep in on your final morning as they are in no rush for you to leave. In fact you may pass the incoming guests at midday.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

an assorted bunch

Here's a few interesting things from my travels around Brisbane.

The cool DIY dog washes popping up everywhere. Put in your dog, your coins and then finish off with your choice of blow dry.

Wall art beside one of the coffee shops in QUT Gardens Point.

Metal and acrylic screens near the loading dock of the Victory Hotel.

An apartment complex in Arthur St, Newstead. I've always loved this unique screening method. It's such a great looking profile.

And finally, the finished off Jon Le Court salon at Indooroopilly. The graffiti reads with variations of "Love our Colour", referring to their hair colouring skills and a play on words, as most of those letters are found in Jon Le Court.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tie Me Up!

I was at Unique fabrics the other day. They are a wholesaler in Brisbane and I was selecting fabric for one of my clients and in the mean time became very side tracked by these gorgeous tassells.

One of the things about working in this industry is that I often feel like I'm browsing through a candy store. So often I see gorgeous things that I fall in love with.

Sometimes I think they'd look great at home. Usually I don't have the room or space though, so it's a case of waiting for the right job to come along and using them then.

This orange and black tie back is one which I've always admired for it's very unique style.

Another great aspect of my job is that in retail the jobs have a very quick turn around of just a few months from concept to completion and retail design allows you to try anything in terms of image and finishes to best present your client's products.
So usually I don't have to wait too long before I can work something new into a concept. And it's always fun to be spending other people's money. Any of my clients reading this, please rest assured it is always wisely and well spent!